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Web design is one of the most frequently heard words these days. People think of web design to be a job which belongs to somewhat different world and some other people think that is one of the simplest jobs. Both are actually wrong. This is neither such an easy job nor a difficult job. Now let us see what web design is and how to design a beautiful website.

In simple terms, web design is the process of different skills and techniques that you need to possess to develop a website in a beautiful way and make it look attractive to everyone. There are many important aspects involved in web designing. Each one is as important as others. Let us see what those important ones are.

Web graphic design, interface design, authoring the website and its various aspects like interface designing, search engine optimization and many other things are the important steps involved in web design process. All these different aspects should be kept in mind while designing a website.

Any website designed by you should have several characteristics if it has to become a successful website. These characteristics include attractiveness and readability, clarity of the matter posted in the site, its presentation etc. these are the basic skills that any web designer needs to develop in his life if he wants to become a famous web designer.

There are many different technologies that are used as tools in designing the website. Let us see what those designing tools are. They are markup languages like HTML, XHTML and XML, other languages like style sheet languages such as CSS and XLS, many other client side scripts like JavaScript and VBScript, other database technologies like PHP and ASP, a large number of multimedia technologies like Flash and Silver light, other technologies related to database like MySQL and MSSQL etc are the important tools which are used for designing the websites.

The database design service provided by an expert database designer include following important things. They are:

· Creation of RFP and data analysis.

· Creative techniques of boarding the stories and designing of technical solutions to the problems.

· Photography of the products which are required for designing of the websites.

· Planning and drafting of your website contents as much as possible. This needs a lot of skills and effort to achieve.

· Animation pictures and design of flash videos etc.

· Java scripting and coding of HTML features.

These are the services provided by an expert web designer. Now let us see some history of this data design techniques, which were started long way back in history.

Actually graphic design and web design all started after internet swept across the globe with its expansive hands. Internet started its working in the world in 1983 and after that; web designing was started by expert web designers. The year 1988 was the first time when this web design program was started in history, but its overwhelming success has led a lot more people to take up web design seriously and they have made it as a means of their livelihood.